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How Can I Become an Expert in Falls Prevention?

At COAW we believe that there just can't be too many experts in falls prevention! Falls are complicated, and preventable. Falls are costly and don't have to happen. We know more about preventing falls today than at any point in history and we have more tools to help mitigate falls risks than ever before.

There is no way to absolutely fall proof yourself, or someone else. However, there are classes, one-on-one work, therapists, websites, new technologies, and many other resources available on how to reduce the risk of falling. This is an important time in falls prevention. COAW's website is dedicated to bringing you the latest in falls prevention training and technology to become a falls prevention expert.

The journey toward becoming a community falls prevention specialist begins today.

Community Falls Prevention Specialist Certificate

For complete information about the certificate, including the elective requirement, click here.

The four required classes for the Certificate can normally be completed by attending training in two 4-day segments. Click here to learn about The Academy for Older Adult Wellness. Through the Academy, COAW introduces some of the latest technologies with amazing research to support how people can reduce falls. All the COAW training classes come with certifications, materials, networking, and on-going technical support.

2016 Class Schedule

The four required classes are listed below with remaining dates for 2016 and regular registration fees. Receive a 25% discount for early registration. For a printable schedule with registration form, click here. Prices will increase in 2017 and early registration fees will no longer apply. Check this website in October for 2017 training dates.

  • 1. Introduction to Community Falls Prevention Programming Workshop, $100. Sept. 12, 2016

  • 2. Leader/Coach Training - A Matter of Balance Leader, $110. Sept. 13, 2016

  • 3. Instructor Training - N'Balance, $620. Oct. 5-8, 2016

  • 4. Instructor Training - Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention, $350. Sept. 14-15, 2016

    The four classes will be held at the Lakewood Link Recreation Center in Lakewood Colorado through The Academy for Older Adult Wellness.

    View this video to hear from two Community Falls Prevention Specialists.

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