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The Consortium for Older Adult Wellness ceased operations on June 30, 2018.

We closed not because of a lack of work—far from it! We closed in response to an on-going lack of funding to do the important work of engaging adults in their own health. We are grateful to the many foundations, organizations, and individual donors who supported our mission and shared our passion.

We are very sorry to have to say good-bye. As a small non-profit organization we could no longer wait for adult wellness to become ‘in-style’ again. We were not able to sustain ourselves as contracts with health systems were repeatedly delayed; as grants weren’t awarded; and in this time of political confusion, as those who needed our services most had the fewest resources.

We are proud of the difference we made in the lives of many tens of thousands of people in Colorado, and across the country, since 2007. We share our heartfelt appreciation to all those Leaders, Instructors, Lifestyle Coaches, Trainers and Master Trainers who continue to offer classes in communities throughout the country. It has been our privilege to work with hundreds of organizations, medical practices, and partners with a passion for self-management and prevention!
  • Self-management program information throughout Colorado will be found at, now hosted by PAC Software, Inc.
  • Falls prevention programming throughout Colorado will be found at now hosted by PAC Software, Inc.
  • To find a Diabetes Prevention Program near you visit CDC Cities
It has been an honor and a pleasure. For all other COAW related inquiries please email or

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The Board of Directors and Staff of COAW

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